Kenya: spot the ‘big five’ in a week…

Kenya is back on the tourist trail. With FCO travel restrictions lifted, you can now follow in the footsteps of the celebrities and wildlife enthusiasts pouring back into the country.

As well as its dazzling beaches, stunning landscapes, and a fascinating mix of cultures, Kenya offers one of the most dense wildlife populations on the planet and the very real chance to see the big five ­– lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo – along with a whole host of other incredible creatures in just a week-long holiday.

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2016 Kenia Multivisionashows

Liebe Gäste,

mit diesem Sondernewsletter senden wir Ihnen sonnige Grüße aus Kenia! Die kleine Regenzeit war sehr ergiebig und so ist es momentan in Kenia allerorten herrlich grün! Wäre es da nicht schön, vor dem europäischen Winter nach Ostafrika zu entfliehen?

Dafür brauchen Sie nur eine der begeisternden Multivisions-Shows des bekannten Fotografen und Afrika-Experten Hartmut Fiebig zu besuchen! Ab Mitte Januar zeigt der mitreissende Erzähler seine preisgekrönten Live-Vorträge „Die 50 Schätze von KENIA – Zwischen Masai Mara und Wiege der Menschheit“ und „TIEF IN AFRIKA – Tansania, Uganda, Kenia“ in über 30 Städten Deutschlands, Österreichs und der Schweiz.

Das Beste aber ist: Sie, als Besucher der Vorträge von Hartmut Fiebig, können beim Zuschauergewinnspiel drei Luxusreisen nach Kenia für jeweils zwei Personen im Gesamtwert von über 40.000 Euro gewinnen!

Kilima Camp, Tawi Lodge, Msambweni Beach House und Hotel Rudi sind stolz, offizieller Partner von Hartmut Fiebigs Tournee und der Verlosung zu sein. Hoffentlich zählen Sie zu den glücklichen Gewinnern, denn dann werden wir uns schon bald im Amboseli Nationalpark, in der Masai Mara, in Nairobi und an der Küste des Indischen Ozeans wiedersehen! Wir würden uns freuen, wenn Sie diesen Newsletter weiterleiten, um auch Ihre Freunde, Bekannten und Verwandten auf die Vorträge und das Gewinnspiel aufmerksam zu machen. Herzlichen Dank!

De Vetste Vakantie

Michiel (10) en Gilles (14) Van Steenkiste houden van wat kattenkwaad. Mama Katia probeert de drukte te temperen en neemt haar oogappels elk jaar mee op een typische zon-, zee-, en strandvakantie. Wanneer Dina de jongens laat kiezen, gaan ze echter voor een totaal andere vakantie: wat Bear Grylls doet op Discovery Channel, dat is wat de jongens ook willen. Met zo weinig mogelijk middelen overleven in de vrije natuur. De jongens kiezen voor Canada en moeten nu enkel nog hun mama overtuigen dat beren echt niet zo gevaarlijk zijn. De tweede familie is het alternatieve gezin Tack. De ouders willen hun kinderen zoveel mogelijk cultuur bijbrengen, ook op vakantie. Maar tieners Iliana (14) en Janika (13) kiezen nu voor een avontuurlijke vakantie naar Kenia.

Kiwi Collection

Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas is an unspoilt hideaway on Kenya’s South Coast. With an emphasis on luxury, Msambweni Beach House offers guests romance and seclusion.

Wake up at the crack of dawn, grab a coffee, and retire to the terrace, where local fisherman will pass by – as they’ve done for generations.
Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas is a private getaway on a pristine Kenyan beach. The accommodations here are diverse: three suites in the main house, two villas, and a luxury tent.

If possible, opt for one of the Lamu Villas, each with its own infinity pool overlooking the beach, private Jacuzzi on Private Villa III, and large terrace to enjoy complimentary massages. While you relax with your book under the African sky, watch monkeys swinging around the treetops.Food and relaxation are the foci at Msambweni Beach House, and The Indian Ocean beach is a particularly beautiful location to enjoy the fresh seafood, garnered from quality local suppliers.If you are feeling active, the team at Msambweni Beach House & Private Villas can arrange for you to spend time with a local Kenyan fisherman, or a trip to the Shimba Hills to see the elephants and Sable Antelope (after which Msambweni is named). The excursion takes most of the day but is worth leaving the sanctuary of Msambweni House.


TASCHEN’s Favourite Hotels

Featured in TASCHEN’s Favourite Hotels… “Flip through this book and take a trip through 72 of the world’s most enchanting, welcoming and unforgettable hotels. Some are sleek and minimal, others charmingly plush and traditionally luxurious; whether you prefer a secluded rural retreat or the pulsing centre of the urban experience, you’ll find a room—or suite—to your taste. However, what all these establishments share is personality, atmosphere, sophistication and a great location.”

Niamh Horan in Kenya: ‘The single greatest mental detox I’ve ever had’

As we headed out at dawn each morning, the sense of relief in the air was palpable. Another sunrise, another day, they were simply glad to be alive.

As I say, we could learn a lot.

During our time here the Maasai tribe took good care of us and provided fascinating insights into how they live. These guys in the middle of nowhere don’t know about the pressures of materialism. Body image is a foreign concept. Getting the local girl all comes down to how high they can jump.

If only the dating game was so simple back home. I ask them what they know of Ireland. Bono? Never heard of him. Bob Geldof? Not a clue. Roy Keane? And the place erupts. In these parts, the man is a legend.

They have honed their vision and listening skills to be as in tune as the animals. They can see the slightest movement 2km away and hear a stir in the bushes with the sharpness of an owl.

Accompanied by the tribe, we enjoy picnics during the day overlooking rivers full of hippos, while crocodiles sunbathe on the banks. Nights are finished off sipping gin and tonics on the open plains under an atomic yellow and red sky that slowly turned to a million twinkly stars. Forks of lightning struck the horizon as we listened to the call of the wild.

This, you can’t capture in a photograph.

You just have to stand still and take it all in and be glad you were blessed enough to have the opportunity and are smart enough to opt for a safari over the packed beaches of Europe or the monotony of the typical tourist getaway.

This is the stuff that bucket lists are made of.

As for my phone and the internet and fears of too much thinking time? Try as I might, my mind was too spaced out.

I don’t know if it was the thousands of miles of distance, or if it was simply trundling along with our heads sticking out of the roof of a safari jeep in the fresh open air or if it was even thanks to getting back to nature, but Africa was the single greatest mental detox I’ve ever had.

I’ve come home walking on air and the calmness has stayed with me. It put the sheer scale of the world and my little worries in perspective. It made me realise how fleeting life is. How you are only guaranteed the moment you are in.

And how all this stuff that has been thrust upon us since our development in the Western world – the possessions, the traffic jams on the M50 and the madness approaching Christmas, has all brought us a million miles from who we are, and what we started out as.

It’s no wonder then on the flight home a man seated beside me asked when I’ll be back – as if it was the most natural question in the world. Read entire article

The Daily Telegraph January 2009

“…South of Mombasa, Wasini Island is another idyllic retreat with a resort of particular note, Msambweni House (, a stunning boutique hotel of private villas built in a Moorish style. With a four-mile white sandy beach, you could go back in time playing croquet or badminton, keep up with the times kite-surfing or simply absorb all Kenya has to offer by taking a luxury picnic in a nearby game park while looking at antelope and elephant…”

The Independent Magazine 2008

“…If you’re after isolation, then press on south to Msambweni, where the upscale Msambweni House is the only hotel of note. Perched on a cliff overlooking deserted, pristine coastline, it offers chic suites on full board…”

Marie Claire February 2009

“Beach Bliss. Thirty miles south of Mombasa, Msambweni House is a hedonistic escape that makes a perfect follow-on to bush adventures. With a private beach, infinity pool, complimentary massages and a verandah for sunset cocktails, it’s pure relaxation. Suites and villas have chic, Swahili-style décor, plus there’s delicious food and a boat for snorkelling trips. It’s worth shopping in Mombasa for ethnic jewellery and fabulous lamps.”

B Spirit (Brussels Airlines magazine) November 2007

B Spirit (Brussels Airlines magazine) November 2007

“For a more intimate African experience, this private house is one of the most recent additions to Kenya’s south coast. Perched on a 120-metre-high cliff and surrounded by a coral wall looking out on to the Indian Ocean, there are three Swahili styled suites, one villa with its own pool and a luxury tent to choose from. The food served near the infinity pool comes courtesy of chefs trained by top Belgian cook Kristof de Kroon. But if solitude is what you’re after, there is a sublime private beach where you can disappear.”